Efficient Filter Dedusting

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Modular filter cleaning system for best results with smallest effort

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Efficient Filter Dedusting
Efficient Filter Dedusting
New filter unit (right) in comparision with other units of the Flex-on range
New filter unit (right) in comparision with other units of the Flex-on range

Optimal cleaning results, individual construction thanks to the modular principle, all components from a single source: This is the new Flex-on filter cleaning system by IMI Buschjost. As the new 85870 series, it completes the range of Flex-on filter cleaning systems and will be available from summer 2019. When using filter cleaning systems, the trend is clearly towards all-in-one solutions: Users obtain complete systems from a single supplier rather than purchasing individual components from different providers. IMI Precision Engineering focuses on precisely this with its Flex-on series: The “one-stop shop” principle reduces the number of suppliers and is also significantly cheaper than costly tank construction and installation of purchased parts by users themselves. Construction and manufacture of the new Flex-on system are based on the requirements of the EN 13445 standard, harmonised with the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU. This ensures safe usage of the pressure vessel from the initial commissioning onwards; further pressure tests and risk analyses by the user are no longer necessary.

Valve sizes from DN 40 to 65

Thanks to its modular construction, the new Flex-on system can be adapted perfectly to the individual requirements of the user. Due to Plug and Play, a particularly easy integration into existing units is possible. A tank up to three metres in length with an internal diameter of 220 millimetres forms the basis of the system. It is made of a high-quality aluminium profile that is durable and non-corrosive. Its smooth surface makes the tank especially resistant to dust and dirt so that the system can also be used in the food industry without any problems. According to the user’s requirements, the tank can be fitted with dust collector valves in nominal sizes DN 40 to DN 65; in its maximal length up to 20 valves could be integrated. These offer high pressure peaks, minimal deflection of the coil gas and extremely quick opening and closing times due to the use of high-quality TPE diaphragms. Compressed air consumption and operating costs go down whereas the cleaning of the filter elements is particularly efficient. 

The Flex-on series is designed for a maximum pressure drop to 0 bar. The system works without pressure loss or leakages at a media temperature between -20 and +85 °C; the maximum operating pressure is 8 bar. Further components could be added to the system depending on the area of application. IMI Precision Engineering provides the matching accessories here, too, such as valve controllers from IMI Buschjost. These show the degree of contamination of different filter elements reliably and give the signal for cleaning as soon as the threshold is exceeded.

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