Energy Efficient Motor-Drive Combination for Pump Applications

Energy-saving motor/inverter solutions for new installations and retrofitting

  • Energy Efficient Motor-Drive Combination for Pump Applications
    Energy Efficient Motor-Drive Combination for Pump Applications

Delta announces the launch of their MPD Series inverter with motor, suitable for pump and fan applications. The new series delivers the benefits of energy efficiency, intelligent water supply and ease of operation by featuring a Delta MSI class IE5 energy efficiency synchronous reluctance motor coupled with a motor-mounted Delta MP300 variable frequency drive. This combination drives down the cost of daily operation, while the high level of integration supports decentralized solutions, reducing wiring and simplifying setup. Available in power classes from 0.75 to 22 kW, it features the IP55 construction that keeps out dust and jetted water from all directions. The fanless drive provides long-term reliability and low maintenance. With support for IEC standard motor flanges, the MPD Series is ideal for both new installations and retrofitting.

Energy-efficient and fully featured

With energy costs rising, the efficiency of water pumps during operation is of growing importance. Thanks to the use of a high-efficiency motor coupled with the latest variable frequency drive technology, the MPD Series fulfills efficiency class IES2 according to IEC 61800-9-2. The motor-mounted Delta PLC supports 14k steps to implement a range of multi-pump operating modes, such as alternating operation to facilitate maintenance and extend equipment life, constant pressure mode for energy-efficient staging, and redundancy.

A sleep mode can automatically detect falling water demand, entering a hibernation mode to avoid frequent switching on and off. The integrated clean function removes foreign objects from the blades and minimizes extended periods of no operation. Scheduling can also be defined to improve overall energy efficiency. Further protection mechanisms, such as burst pipe and high/low pressure detection, limit property damage by stopping water flow and providing an alarm output. Should the water supply be cut off, the pump slows to a stop to avoid damage. Cavitation events are also monitored: If small vapor-filled cavities form in the pump, the inverter can give an immediate warning in order to increase reliability and reduce wear.

System integration through smart communication 

The MPD Series offers an in-built RS-485 communication interface for easy integration into existing control systems. If required, optional communication cards are available for EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, and PROFINET DP. An optional Bluetooth communication interface is also available for more efficient commissioning and maintenance. When coupled with the Android app, smartphone users can access operational information via a dashboard, configure pump operating parameters, and are provided with handling guidance on error messages. If desired, the motor drive, MP300, is available separately for use with alternative motors.