Energy saving dryers

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  • Energy saving dryers
    Energy saving dryers

Through its Hankison and Deltech brands, SPX offers a wide range of leading compressed air dryers.The latest technology innovation in this area offers frequency controlled dryers that match the flow of the compressed air to deliver considerable savings in energy usage.

The need for compressed air varies at different times within a facility and flows are normally not steady. This either means that the compressor runs with on/off or frequency control to match the site demands. Traditional dryers, however, do not vary their workload and run at 100% power regardless of demand for compressed air supply. Depending on shifts, they may even run unnecessarily overnight and through weekends if not manually shut down.

The dryers from the Hankison and Deltech ranges address the waste of energy when compressed air flow is reduced by utilising frequency control which is linked to the refrigeration compressor. If no air is being cooled, the evaporation pressure in the system decreases and the compressor turns down its frequency. The dryers match this decrease, reducing power consumed.

If compressed air usage is at 40% over a working period, the power consumption of a 2200m3/h dryer will reduce from approximately 5.5kW to 2.3kW. Based on 0.12€/kWh over a year (approx. 8,700 hours), this equates to savings of 3,340€. E.g. this means that over a lifetime of ten years the dryers offer energy savings of 33,400€ and a return of investment in under 12 months for a new installation.

The innovative dryers are available for flows from 1,000m3/h to 5,000m3/h and have the reliable, high performing operation. They offer the potential for exceptional energy savings across a site and a rapid return on investment.