Screw and vane pumps

for heavy viscous liquids

  • Screw and vane pumps
    Screw and vane pumps

The SPX Plenty brand offers a wide range of screw and vane pumps which are used for the pumping of heavy viscous liquids in multiple applications within the oil & gas industry. The pumps are supported by in depth understanding of technology and application along with the flexibility of efficient product customisation to exactly meet project requirements.

The Plenty Triro is a range of triple screw pumps which provide reliable, quiet, pulse free operation. They are suited for the forced lubrication of rotating machinery, such as turbines, compressors, blowers and boiler feed pumps. With vibration-free operation at noise levels less than 70dB the pumps minimise noise pollution, simplify installation requirements and do not have detrimental effect on downstream equipment. The triple screw pumps are designed to handle viscous products, offering better efficiency than centrifugal pumps and provide a compact solution that delivers a good, stable flow of fluid.

Also within the SPX Plenty range is the Twinro two screw pump which offers an ideal solution for applications such as the transfer of heavy fuels. The two and three screw pumps along with the vane pumps that SPX provide are all designed to handle heavy, viscous products and are well proven within the oil & gas industry.

SPX will customise Plenty pumps to meet specific customer needs, examples of which include: the relocation of suction and discharge nozzles, specific design for confined space, multiple units provided on a single mounting plate for easy installation or the provision of a special seal or heating jacket. Scope of supply can be anything from a bare shaft pump through to complete packages with pumps, motors, base plates, common skids, filters and differential pressure gauges.