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    Process pump

The Bran+Luebbe NOVAPLEX Vector process pump from SPX offers a reduced footprint size, reduced weight, increased efficiency and improved reliability - features that will be welcomed by companies operating offshore platforms and FPSO units (Floating Production, Storage, and Offloading).

The goal for the pump design was to produce a compact triple diaphragm process pump with a reduced footprint. The design arranges the pump heads in three dimensions to reduce the footprint and the overall weight of the pump. As a result of reducing the number of crankshaft bearings from six to two and by generally simplifying assembly, the new unit is designed for increased reliability and ease of maintenance. Maintenance engineers should note that the NOVAPLEX Vector only requires the disassembly of the drive to gain access to the gears.

Equipped with robust Bran+Luebbe diaphragm pump heads, the pumps can be installed in potentially hazardous atmospheres and are suited for handling hazardous fluids. Typical applications include methanol and polymer injection, hydrocarbon transfer in oil and gas production, LDPE production, reactor feed in the chemical industry, and areas such as autoclave feed in the mining industry.  

As an option, the pump can be equipped with a NOVALINK-CSM 2 continuous pump monitoring system, which can be incorporated into an asset management system or used as a stand-alone solution. The software enables vital advance detection of possible pump failure, allowing planned maintenance to be scheduled and resulting in optimised uptime and protecting production capacity.