Explosion-protected mobile computers

for mobile maintenance

  • Explosion-protected mobile computers
    Explosion-protected mobile computers
  • Explosion-protected mobile computers
    Explosion-protected mobile computers

The latest generation of explosion-protected mobile computers for mobile maintenance is not only ruggedized and easy to handle, but also remarkably fast. They sense vulnerabilities in systems and prevent unwanted shutdowns.

The MC 92N0ex mobile computers by BARTEC are based on the successful MC 9000ex series. The devices have been developed in close collaboration with Motorola for worldwide use in areas where there is a risk of explosion. With the help of the appropriate maintenance software in combination with the Ex mobile computers made by the explosion protection experts, it is possible to undertake meaningful tours, tailored to customer needs. The solution enables optimised maintenance and strategic servicing which minimises unscheduled downtime and maximises availability.

Technology at its best
Thanks to their robust design the mobile computers defy even extreme conditions, ranging from -20 to 40°C. Various keyboards are available for different application areas and the easy-to-read VGA colour display with touchscreen technology leads the way to easy, fast data acquisition. Even one-handed operation is possible thanks to the ergonomically positioned scan trigger and the slim format. Because of its powerful lithium-ion batteries, which can be replaced in hazardous areas, the battery life lasts for an entire shift.

The MC 92N0ex series works with the latest IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n wireless technology. It allows wireless transfer of data immediately during the tour. Memory cards of up to 64GB allow for comprehensive data storage. Thanks to multiple scan engines, 1D barcodes can be scanned at a distance of up to 12 metres, for example. The detection of RFID tags by means of various readers is available as an option. Using an integrated voice/audio function, users can easily make calls via the computer network through Voice over IP.

The touchscreen responds quickly and accurately even to very light pressure. Another advantage is the comfortable handling. In addition, the mobile computers are characterised by their robustness. They emerge from a fall of 1.2 metres unscathed. The MC 92N0ex is fast – both in terms of powering up and with regard to data synchronisation, over an entire day this results in considerable time savings. Using the Ex mobile computer solution for strategic planning and implementing of tours pays for itself quickly. Often all it takes is the avoidance of a single stoppage to offset the initial investment costs. In general, the total software and hardware package pays for itself in six to nine months.

A profitable investment
That these are not figures plucked from the air is shown in the use of BARTEC's MC 92N0ex, Zone 2 by a manufacturer of aromatics. The chemical company in question undertakes regularly scheduled servicing programmes using the mobile computer solution. For example, the temperature sensors across the site are checked. According to the operator, the process reliability and thus the product quality was increased within a short space of time. Strategic servicing reduces the failure rate and improves processes. Using the software, the user can also evaluate the consumption of auxiliary materials, consumables and equipment, thereby optimising its holding of stock. Based on the collected data, the quality of similar parts made by different manufacturers can even be assessed over longer periods of time.

Forewarned is forearmed
When creating the tours, the elements to be checked can be individually determined. Particularly in hazardous areas it is important as to who, where, when and what should even be checked, as the employee must have the appropriate training. If required, the user can connect (via Bluetooth) accessories such as devices to measure vibration, temperature or acceleration, so as to avoid data input errors and provide comparable values.

After logging in, the Ex mobile computer lists the tours to be completed. For the current tour, relevant parameters such as input and output pressure are stored for the components to be tested. The operator identifies the relevant "test item" via barcode or RFID tag. The software then automatically jumps to the appropriate place in the list of questions. This also ensures that it is the correct component.

In terms of the software, ease of use is paramount. As far as possible, only closed questions are provided, whereby the person undertaking the tour can select an answer from a given selection. The most common response is always at the top. As a result of the responses, staff can quickly recognise whether a measuring point requires urgent action, and promptly perform countermeasures.

Data with added value
The complete history can be displayed to the user in the form of a graph. Outliers can thus be directly identified. The data can be overwritten only by authorised persons. This also allows for a feedback as to whether the measured values are correct. Tours which have already been completed are marked by the software on the to-do list.

Each person undertaking a tour can enter personal notes, complemented by entering date, time and name for the individual steps. The software is able to send all the results automatically by email. If problems arise during a tour, the employee can immediately inform a supervisor or plant manager. The data collected can be further processed in various software programs, such as Excel.

Information that has collected using various mobile computers in the course of a shift can be bundled and delivered to colleagues as a complete shift book. This ensures a smooth transition of information from one shift to the next.

Documents can be easily created at the touch of a button. The report ensures continuous traceability and provides for high transparency, given a large number of measuring points. What is more: unlike for Excel lists, the documentation is absolutely impossible to manipulate. BARTEC's Ex mobile computer solution thus ensures high operational safety, despite relatively little paper.