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Bartec's mobile phone PEGASUS for use in hazardous areas has been especially designed for the use in rough industrial environments, e.g. in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, in the oil and gas sector or in refineries. The high protection type IP 65 and the use at ambient temperatures between -20 and 60°C enables the user to work even under extreme ambient conditions. The keyboard has been designed so that it can easily be used even with gloves. All keys as well as the alphanumerical keys have a tactile feedback. The OLED full colour display can easily be read even under poor light conditions. A highly efficient rechargeable Li-polymer battery makes sure there is enough capacity. The integrated loudspeaker offers the user a comfortable hands-free speaking function during activities where both hands are needed. Besides, it has a vibration function so that no call is missed even in noisy environments. In addition to the phone function, text messages can be sent and received. PEGASUS is available in different models and is the optimal mobile phone for every region and every field of application: PEGASUS 7000 (industrial model)
PEGASUS 7010ex (ATEX zone 1,2, 21,22, IEC Ex ; UL class I II III div 1, div 2 )
PEGASUS 7020ex (ATEX zone 2, 22 ; UL class I II III div 2) The mobile phone is equipped with a quadband GSM module (850/900/1800/1900 MHz). The use all over the world and particularly on the American continent is ensured by it. An optional man down sensor is offered as in some fields of activity an increased occupational safety of employees has to be guaranteed. The integrated sensor (motion detection) reacts to immobility. At the end of a definable time span, an online alarm is triggered. To avoid a transmission via SMS, which might take too long, the alarm can be transmitted immediately to a server via GPRS or TCP/IP. In addition, the mobile phone is located via GPS. With a scaleable map, the last recorded location can be graphically displayed. The alarm including the GPS position data can also be transmitted as text message or as a spoken phone message. Due to the integrated GPS receiver and the sophisticated software, the phone can optionally be used for professional online tracking. For this purpose, the company supplies a server through which customers with a licence have an individual access to their area, and optional solutions for customers who need to have their data on a separate server. The PEGASUS tracking software can synchronize, analyze and store the GPS data. Data acquisition is also possible in real time. Via the history function, it is possible to track a route on the map and to store it. Especially for enterprises with a vehicle fleet (e.g. dangerous goods vehicles), it offers an instrument for the cost efficient realization of logistic tasks.

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