Fire and Gas Damper

For use in offshore, marine and navy ventilation system

  • Fire and Gas Damper
    Fire and Gas Damper

Halton FDA fire dampers are type-approved class A0(A60) fire and gas dampers for use in offshore, marine and navy ventilation systems. The FDA can be installed in rectangular or circular ducts. All fire dampers have a fusible link and they prevent the spread of fire and gases  within the ventilation ductwork. When the blades are in the open position, the device does not cause significant pressure loss, noise or flow disturbance. An open-closed indicator is visible on the outside of the damper. Fire dampers with non-standard dimensions can be supplied on request.


  • Type-approved by most recognized classification societies: A0 without insulation, A15 to A60 when suitably insulated
  • Available as ATEX certified
  • Blades contain stainless spring steel seals for low leakage in normal conditions and thermal expansion graphite seals (effective from 150 ºC) to seal the damper in case of fire.
  • Closed damper fulfills the requirement of leakage class 3 (EN1751:2014) for size > 300x300 mm. Casing leakage class C.
  • Nominal strip fuse release temperature 50 ºC, 74 ºC or 100 ºC. Other temperatures available.
  • Nominal glass bulb fuse release available as an option with temperatures 68 ºC or  93 ºC. Other temperatures available.
  • Low weight due to double skin blade structure
  • Electrical or pneumatic operation system
  • Maximum duct pressure for damper construction 5000 Pa and maximum air velocity 15 m/s
  • Normal operation temperature for damper between -50 ºC to +80 ºC. Actuator and component selection can have an effect on this temperature range. Other temperatures available on request

Dimensions and Material Thickness 

FDA fire dampers meet international standards for both rectangular (width B 200-1200 mm with 25 mm division and height H 200-1600 mm with 50 mm division) and circular ducts (Ø200-1250 mm). Modular constructions up to 2500x2600 mm available.

Non-standard dimensions and flange drilling available on request. Standard flanges and drilling according to ISO 15138 standards. Frame thickness 3-5 mm according to SOLAS.