Flameless venting solutions

can now also be used with metal dusts

  • Flameless venting solutions
    Flameless venting solutions

Rembe's Q-Rohr and Q-Box flameless venting solutions can be found in a whole range of sectors from the food processing industry to chemicals and pharmaceuticals. The advantages of flameless venting are immediately obvious: the entire production process remains inside the building and there is no need for expensive, bulky venting ducts that require modifications to be made to existing structures. The integrated bursting disc is fitted with a signalling unit that immediately reports any incidents to the process control system. The special stainless steel mesh filter inlet ensures that the pressure rise and increased noise level associated with free vented explosions are massively reduced to negligible levels in the production room. Dust and flames are retained by the mesh filter inlet.

The Q-Rohr has a round design. Consequently, it is vacuum resistant and ideal for the protection of pneumatic conveying systems as well as many other applications. The Q-Rohr and Q-Box also compare favourably with active fire extinguishing systems. They generate no running costs, false triggering damages only the bursting disc and the product remains unaffected. No regular maintenance is required, an annual visual inspection is more than adequate. The products are certified by ATEX and also comply with many other currently relevant standards.

The Q-Rohr can now also be used with metal dusts. Due to their extreme properties in explosive situations (e.g. temperatures can be twice as high as those with most other dusts), metal dusts create special challenges for protection systems. The Q-Rohr is to be certified in accordance with DIN EN 16009.