Flameless Venting

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The Q-Ball uses the principle of the parallel contour relief developed by Roland Bunse and it is absolutely lightweight

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Flameless Venting
Flameless Venting

The principal of flameless venting is a Rembe invention from the 1980s, which has changed the world of Explosion Safety like no other. It all started with the Q-Rohr, and is now continued with the Q-Ball. In addition to the requirement that neither flames nor pressure escape from the protection system, flameless venting devices should also be evaluated in terms of their venting efficiency and weight. Because: Low efficiencies mean that more / bigger venting areas and associated protection systems are required. A too heavy weight requires conversions to the vessel in order to ensure its stability.

Very low weight

The Q-Ball, which is primarily designed for elevators and screens, uses the principle of the parallel contour relief developed by Roland Bunse. Thanks to the innovative design, the weight of the Q-Ball is very low. While comparable products from other manufacturers weigh around 45 kg, the Q-Ball which only weighs around 25 kg is an absolute lightweight, and 3 kg lighter than the Q-Box, the previous record holder in terms of weight.

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For more than 45 years REMBE GmbH SAFETY + CONTROL has been developing, manufacturing and selling top of the range safety and measurement products from the headquarters in Brilon, Germany. Our unique team at REMBE is a highly motivated crew of 250 people comprising both, skilled craftsmen and degreed engineers. Combining their dedication with an unequalled track record in the safety and control business is a perfect starting point for worldwide success. Every REMBE employee is an important component of this system, integrated into the whole by living it and consequently taking the tasks to heart.


Flameless Venting

The Q-Ball uses the principle of the parallel contour relief developed by Roland Bunse and it is absolutely lightweight

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