Flexibility and Functionality in a Compact Component

Offering intrinsic safety and simple handling, the FieldConnex® Multi-Input Output (MIO) from Pepperl+Fuchs it’s a compact fieldbus component that allows to connect digital signals to the fieldbus via a single address

  • Flexibility and Functionality in a Compact Component
    Flexibility and Functionality in a Compact Component

Pepperl+Fuchs in Mannheim works continuously to make the handling of fieldbus installations even simpler and more secure. The FieldConnex® Multi-Input Output (MIO) represents another significant milestone in this mission. It is a compact fieldbus component that offers intrinsically safe inputs and outputs for discrete signals with four different functions. This ensures the highest level of flexibility when designing plants.

FieldConnex® MIO

The FieldConnex® MIO allows discrete signals with four different functions to be integrated into the digital infrastructure. For example, it can monitor status of up to twelve NAMUR sensors. Alternatively, the FieldConnex® MIO can control up to four valves, including final position feedback and partial stroke test, or enable the overflow and idle level of containers and conduits to be monitored via vibration limit switches. For the first time, the component is also able to collect signals from pulse and frequency generators. This is necessary when detecting standstill of motors is critical to plant or process safety, for example.

Furthermore, the new MIO is equipped with integrated breakaway and runtime monitoring for valves, and emits an alarm signal the instant that limit values are exceeded. In addition, partial stroke tests maintain valves that are rarely actuated. These features enable targeted and predictive maintenance and allow maintenance intervals to be extended with the highest level of efficiency. Furthermore, the eradication of unplanned downtime significantly increases the economic efficiency of the plants.

Efficient Plant Design

The interchangeability of the MIO with existing FieldConnex® products, such as valve couplers and binary inputs, is also guaranteed. For this purpose, the MIO identifies itself as a valve coupler or binary input at the request of the control system and can be replaced during operation without the need for the control system to be changed.

All FieldConnex® MIO inputs are intrinsically safe and offer the simplest, most convenient handling due to their ability to be configured collectively or individually. The component is installed in the immediate vicinity of the sensor to ensure efficient plant design, thereby considerably reducing the effort of wiring the component as well as the cost and time required for installation. In addition, the improved cable entrance and generous terminal space ensure simple connection. The FieldConnex® Multi-Input Output is available in aluminum, GRP, and stainless-steel housing variants and is suitable for installation on DIN mounting rails.

Highlights of FieldConnex Multi-Input Output

  • Connects up to twelve discrete signals via a single fieldbus address and integrates them into the control technology.
  • Intrinsically safe ignition protection for sensors in Zone 0.
  • Monitoring of wire breaks, short circuits, valve breakaway, and runtimes facilitates needs-based, targeted maintenance.
  • Automatic partial stroke test extends maintenance interval.