Compact remote I/O system

for hazardous areas

  • Compact remote I/O system
    Compact remote I/O system

The High Density Modules provide a compact Remote I/O system for the hazardous area in Zone 2. The universal 4-channel Remote I/O module offers small size, reduced costs per channel and allows for reduced stock in the warehouse.

Remote I/O is a signal conditioning system that offers significant savings in many areas, particularly in the hazardous area, compared with other signal conditioning methods. Especially in comparison with classic field installations, substantial costs can be saved as no distribution panels and Ex i isolations are required. This also applies for new plants where traditional signals for digital and analog inputs and outputs shall be further used since decentralized installation simplifies wiring. The process control system allows communicating via bus over long distances and wiring to field devices is realized point to point. Particular savings can be realized when modernizing existing plants. With Remote I/O, signal circuits to the field and the field devices can remain unchanged. This increases process safety and costs are reduced.

Furthermore, a broad range of opportunities is provided for a remote control of connected field devices. Operating, monitoring, configuring, parameterizing and diagnosing can be comfortably realized from the user interface of the control system, regardless of the manufacturer. Using the HART protocol, field devices may be configured and parameterized from the bus.

The remote I/O system LB Remote I/O is designed and certified for the use in Zone 2. It consists of one- and multi-channel modules that can be mounted on a backplane in any order and this backplane is snapped into place on a DIN mounting rail. The backplane is available in different sizes. It supplies the modules with energy and connects the modules and the com unit. The system can be implemented redundantly by deploying two com units and a double power supply. A com unit controls at maximum 80 analog and 184 digital inputs and outputs. The modules provide hot-swapping so that they can be exchanged during running operation without hot work permit. LB Remote I/O can be and is already deployed with all important control systems since system integration is simple and safe.

With the compact analog and universal modules for Zone 2, up to 32% space in the control cabinets can be saved per system compared to the previous model. The construction width of the modules has been halved offering the same functions. This allowed for an energy-saving electronic design - which reduced the power dissipation of the modules. The lacking heat dissipation ensures a long product life time. For attaining fast diagnostics status LEDs per channel have been introduced. The digital state is indicated in yellow and a line fault is indicated in red. Thus, the maintenance personnel can see at one glance which channel is affected.

The universal 4-channel I/O module LB7x04 processes analog and digital inputs and outputs, depending on the settings. Each channel of the LB7x04 has its own HART modem. This improves the compatibility in the physical layer and provides access to further field devices. Furthermore, each channel can be parameterized in the Device Type Manager (DTM), regardless of the other channels.

The product range includes intrinsically safe and non-intrinsically safe modules that can be mounted on the backplane in any order. Only a hood for the non-intrinsically safe terminals is required to adhere to the clearance of 50mm. One-channel and multi-channel modules can be combined without limitations. The I/O modules are suitable for the drive of non-Ex, Ex i and Ex e field devices. This allows implementation applications in Zone 1, Zone 0 or Division 1 out of Zone 2.