Flexible Industrial Visualisation Solutions

Stainless-steel housings for harsh indoor and outdoor environments

  • Flexible Industrial Visualisation Solutions
    Flexible Industrial Visualisation Solutions

Eaton with its brand MTL Instruments is making plant visualisation more flexible than ever with the introduction of the new GECMA Workstation (GWS) Industrial and the Industrial Flex-Line. These additions further extend the wide range of HMI options available and reinforce Eaton’s position as a single source for comprehensive visualisation solutions.

The new products have been designed to bring greater connectivity, image quality and ease of use to plant automation systems in harsh production environments, indoors and outdoors. Both the GWS Industrial and GWS Industrial Flex-Line are designed to meet GMP requirements for hygienic environments typically found in pharmaceutical or biotech applications, but are also ready for the harsh operating environments typically found in oil and gas processing and offshore extraction. As production and processing are increasingly international in their scope companies are looking for reliable plant automation solutions that can be deployed consistently anywhere in the world. The new GECMA Visualisation solutions are designed to allow the same system, setup and interfaces worldwide. 

Versatile and adaptable

The GECMA Workstation Industrial is ideal for use as a Remote Terminal and is designed to deliver high quality, accurate visual information about the related industrial process. It enables digital data communications to a localised terminal via copper or fibre optic cable to deliver seamless transmissions over significantly longer distances than before. An internal video system scales multiple video inputs into the native format of the LCD panel whilst preserving the aspect ratio of the source image. To ensure the best readability the terminal incorporates an anti-glare surface. The GWS Industrial is available as a complete system or in panel mount form. It is RoHS compliant and meets EN61010 product safety requirements.

The GECMA Workstation Industrial Flex-Line gives customers the capability of using their own off-the-shelf Thin Client, Personal Computer, Zero Client or KVM solution within its stainless-steel housing. This modular design concept makes upgrading and maintenance of visualisation equipment simpler and more efficient. A slim, flexible modular construction allows the GWS Industrial Flex-Line to fit seamlessly into restricted spaces. Maintenance is also simplified because it is possible to change out modules on site, increasing plant availability. The wide range of Keyboard and Pointing Device options offers further flexibility, allowing customers to tailor the device to their data entry needs. Among the options available are a glass touch keyboard, a medical disposable keyboard, an office style keyboard or the standard foil touch keyboard, as well as various pointing device options such as Trackball. Barcode scanners and other additional accessories can be incorporated on request.


Both the GECMA Workstation Industrial and the GECMA Workstation Industrial Flex-Line Terminals are available in 19”, 22” and 24” screen sizes. They are provided as floor-mount units as standard, although customers can select ceiling or wall mount options. Customized solutions and mobile versions are also available on demand. Manufactured with casings of high-quality stainless steel, the GWS Industrial and GWS Industrial Flex-Line are suitable for use in production environments with operating temperatures between -10°C and +50°C and are rated to IP66 against the ingress of dust and water.