Food Grade Robots

Designed to meet a wide range of applications

  • Food Grade Robots
    Food Grade Robots

The new Motoman GP7 and GP8 food grade robots from Yaskawa are a good example of the drive to apply the benefits of increasingly sophisticated automated handling and robotics solutions to the widest possible range of applications, including the food industry. The GP7 and GP8 robots are designed to meet the specific requirements of food, beverage and other ‘hygienic’ processing applications by offering a number of important features. For example, all moving parts use food grade grease and they are finished with a white, water based paint colour for food related applications. Robot speed, acceleration and deceleration reaches the same standards as with standard grease while the drip-proof outer design and finish ensures a smooth disposal of a liquid on the robot surface. 

Optimum productivity benefits 

In addition to the food industry application features, the GP7 and GP8 options also offer the other benefits associated with Motoman robots, such as, optimum productivity with high payloads and speeds. They allow for a wide variety of products to be transferred with different grippers which can be mounted with 7kg and 8kg payloads providing 38% greater allowable movement. Speeds of all axes have been increased by up to 39% while acceleration / deceleration control has been improved to achieve maximum reduction of acceleration / deceleration times for all robot postures. 

Less installation space

Manufacturers prefer machinery and systems which require a smaller installation space so the slim, compact design of the G7 and G8 will be appreciated. The manipulator cable can be connected at the base of the robots which reduces interference with walls and means significantly less installation space in required compared to robots which only have side connectors. They also provide increased maximum horizontal reach so they can operate in wider work areas, while their slim, straight and symmetrical design minimises interference with peripheral devices, even in small spaces.