Handheld Indicator Allows Portable Measurements

Available probes for temperature, humidity and other measurands

  • Handheld Indicator Allows Portable Measurements
    Handheld Indicator Allows Portable Measurements

Vaisala launched the new portable Vaisala Indigo80 Handheld Indicator designed for industrial spot checking, short-term data logging, field sampling, data analysis and diagnostics. In conjunction with the Indigo80, the company announced Vaisala HUMICAP Handheld Humidity and Temperature Probe Series HMP80 and Vaisala DRYCAP Handheld Dew Point and Temperature Probe Series DMP80, both designed for portable use, operating seamlessly with the Indigo80 handheld indicator.

The Indigo80 handheld combines leading-edge technology and ultramodern industrial design. Special attention has been paid to its look and feel, customer experience, and usability. It must be easy to take along and operate reliably in varying measurement environments, while being as durable as fixed installed devices. The design features of Vaisala Indigo80 received last year an honorary award in one of the most prominent design competitions in Finland, the Fennia Prize. The list of features includes support for up to two Indigo-compatible probes or transmitters simultaneously. Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery ensures typically 10h operation time without charging, and its intuitive user interface supports 10 languages.

Ensuring added process efficiencies

In addition to the two newly launched probes, Indigo80 operates together with Vaisala’s other Indigo compatible measurement probes and other selected Vaisala measurement instruments. Together with the selected probes, Indigo80 creates value by adding a portable measurement option in the Indigo product family for multiple parameters, including humidity, temperature, dew point, carbon dioxide, hydrogen peroxide vapor and moisture in oil, bringing ease of use and increased process efficiencies to industrial customers.

The Indigo80 indicator’s datalogging capabilities enable enhancing industrial process efficiency by monitoring process conditions during the needed time period. Spot-checking helps to ensure that process conditions are within the required range to produce consistent and high-quality products. It can also be used for reference checking of the stationary installations of Vaisala measurement instruments, and for on-site calibration of the existing Vaisala fixed-mounted instruments to maximize optimal process conditions.