Streamlined Transmitter for Industrial Applications

Precise measurement and visualization for one parameter

  • Streamlined Transmitter for Industrial Applications
    Streamlined Transmitter for Industrial Applications

Vaisala has launched its Indigo510 transmitter, which is compatible with all Indigo smart probes. The features include modular support for one probe at a time, and a large touchscreen display for local data visualization. The new Indigo510 is the latest addition to the Indigo transmitter family, all of which are compatible with Vaisala’s Indigo measurement probes. The Indigo510 builds on the same modular platform and includes the same metal casing, software, and display as the flagship Indigo520 Transmitter. Indigo510 is available also without a display.

Purpose-built performance

The Indigo510 Transmitter is an ideal choice for demanding industrial applications where precise and accurate measurements are needed for a single parameter at a time. Its rugged IP66 and NEMA4-rated metal enclosure ensures reliable performance in the toughest environments. 

The streamlined transmitter has been designed to meet customer demands for a simpler solution with single-probe support and without compromising the benefits of modularity by customers who needed not the full functionalities of the flagship transmitter. Measurement of humidity, dew point, moisture in oil, temperature, carbon dioxide, and vaporized hydrogen peroxide are possible with the assurance of reliability, accuracy, and the strong chain of data provided by the Indigo ecosystem. 

The Indigo510 transmitter extends the options for data visualization, connectivity, supply voltage, and wiring compared to using a stand-alone probe. In addition, customers benefit from regular platform and software updates. 

Modular ecosystem for industrial customers

Vaisala’s unique and growing Indigo product family ensures stable and reliable measurements in diverse industrial applications and environments. The Indigo family forms a modular ecosystem with interchangeable smart probes, robust transmitters, and intuitive Vaisala Insight PC software. The probes can be used independently without a transmitter, or together with the Indigo500 or Indigo200 series transmitters to extend their features. The modular plug-and-play design makes the Indigo probes and transmitters easy to install, use, and maintain.