Wireless Carbon Dioxide Measurement

Simplified incubator monitoring with compact solution

  • RFL100 data logger with HMP115 and GMP251 probes
    RFL100 data logger with HMP115 and GMP251 probes

Vaisala introduces an easy-to-install wireless carbon dioxide measurement solution to simplify incubator monitoring and enable cost savings for customers. The new life science environmental measurement solution combines Vaisala’s carbon dioxide probe GMP251 with Vaisala wireless RFL100 data logger. The new configuration leverages the superior measurement stability and accuracy of the GMP251 probe and provides reliable carbon dioxide percentage measurements for incubators used for example in cell culturing, gene therapy, and vaccine research.

The RFL100’s CO2 configuration enables a simple, wireless setup that is ideal for incubators in both strictly regulated GxP and less regulated non-GxP applications. Wireless data loggers also eliminate the need for expensive Ethernet connectivity for each data logger. Additionally, the logger has a local display of carbon dioxide data next to the assets. Several measurements can be monitored in a single data logger: CO2 percentage, temperature, and humidity. Along with the GMP251 carbon dioxide probe, other RFL100 compatible probes include Vaisala’s TMP115 temperature probe, and the HMP115 and HMP110 temperature and relative humidity probes.

Long distance data transmission

All RFL100 data loggers connect to Vaisala’s viewLinc software for monitoring, alarms, and reporting. RFL100-series loggers operate on Vaisala’s proprietary LoRa® based VaiNet wireless radio technology with a signal reach of over 100 meters, even in complex, obstructed indoor environments. VaiNet uses LoRa® modulation that prevents signal interference with WLAN applications. To ensure data integrity, all VaiNet data transmissions are encrypted and verified before being stored in viewLinc’s secure database.
Vaisala RFL100 data loggers use an external power supply for carbon dioxide measurement and include a lithium battery backup to secure data logger memory during power or network interruptions. In addition to data integrity and global compliance, Vaisala’s viewLinc Continuous Monitoring System provides user-friendly software, web-based user access, real-time data, and remote alarm capabilities.