Heat Exchanger

Made of Titanium and Superduplex

  • Heat Exchanger
    Heat Exchanger

Aguilar y Salas S.A. planned to build a new model of heat exchanger with high quality components and resistance for paper manufacturing.The new heat exchanger will be made ​​of Titanium Grade 2, a material with high corrosion strength and Superduplex S32750 alloys, bringing together the most desirable features of ferritic and austenitic steels.

The equipment also offers low coefficients of thermal expansion and a high thermal conductivity, allowing a great resistance to high temperatures and pressures that will be submitted during the processes of papermaking.

The heat exchanger will control the heating of the components and will participate in several phases during the components cooling by which the paper pulp is produced. For this reason, this heat exchanger will have a height of 16 meters and a diameter of 3.8 meters, offering a total area of ​​about 6500 m2.

Its curb weight will range 65 tons. Aguilar y Salas, S.A. starts the development of components made out special alloys in 1975, specializing in the manufacturing of components in nickel, titanium and special alloys for certain industrial sectors, always offering quality products with maximum security and the latest technology and innovation.