Hydraulic tensioners

for subsea applications

  • Hydraulic tensioners
    Hydraulic tensioners

The Subsea version of the SPX hydraulic tensioners, the SST range, is designed to resist the most extreme working conditions of use. The tools are coated with a high-quality nickel plating which enables them to resist any salt-water environment. Very compact and easy to use, the subsea hydraulic bolt tensioners enable the tools to be used simply by placing the body over the stud/nut and sliding the ‘open’ ‘quick reaction nut’ along the thread and onto the tool. A simple squeeze click engages it securely onto the thread which is locked on when pressurizing the tool ; removal is in reverse, which simplifies operations and minimizes the divers' worktime.

The tensioners are equipped with an integrated misalignment compensator allowing a stud deviation of up to 5 degrees and a piston stroke limit indicator, allowing for controlled and synchronous operation. Moreover, the piston has a 30mm stroke in order to close/load the flange in a single operation, reducing the possibility of the overstroke of individual tools.

For the operator's complete safety the design prevents piston ejection and avoids any oil release to the environment. The different models in the range offer a capacity ranging from ¾ to 3 ½ inches (M20-M90), operating with a maximum pressure of 1,500 Bar. They are used with QRN quick-release reaction nuts from SPX Bolting Systems.