Inductive Stainless-Steel Miniature Sensors

Compact D3 and M4 housing with a large switching distance

  • Inductive Stainless-Steel Miniature Sensors
    Inductive Stainless-Steel Miniature Sensors

The inductive sensor with increased switching distances from wenglor features enhanced performance in miniature design: A total of eight new sensors from the I03 and I04 series in the compact D3 and M4 housing are available for detecting metallic objects in confined systems. The robust sensors in V2A stainless steel housing demonstrate their strengths exactly where space is most limited.

Small Size Allows for a Wide Range of Applications

The I03 series sensors have a diameter of just three millimeters (D3) and a smooth housing, while the I04 series has an external thread with a total diameter of four millimeters (M4). With both series, the housing is just 22 millimeters long. The almost invisible miniature sensors detect precise switching signals in places where virtually no installation space is available. Increased switching distances of up to 1 mm, a robust PUR cable connection (two meters), a high IP67 degree of protection and a broad temperature range between –25 and +70 °C ensure high performance and long service life. Thanks to flush mounting, the sensors can be integrated mechanically protected in systems. The optional PNP/NPN and NO/NC variants also enable convenient handling with existing systems. With the LED adjustment aid, the sensors can also be easily installed. The bright LED shows the status clearly, even over long distances.