IO-Link Level Controllers

Guided microwave devices with high reliability

  • IO-Link Level Controllers
    IO-Link Level Controllers

EGE introduces a new generation of level controllers, the MFN series with IO-Link interface, that enables continuous access of PLCs to process and parameterization data. Using a corresponding master, the level controllers can be connected to any common bus system and conveniently parameterized via PC or notebook. The guided microwave measuring principle ensures high reliability due to its insensitivity to external influences such as temperature, pressure, or density. It provides for precise measurements in liquids such as water, oil, and emulsions as well as in viscous media. 

Probes for use with aggressive media

MFN sensors stand out due to their particularly short reaction times in case of level changes. Their display units can be configured to show the measured level in mm, cm, inch, liter, or percent. The housings can be rotated by 360° along with integrated LED indicators and control panels, allowing users easy access for configuring the devices and reading measured values. The level controllers feature IP67 ingress protection and are designed for an ambient temperature range of -25 °C to +85 °C. EGE's level controller portfolio includes variants with coaxial, single, and double probes for use in different media. The company also manufactures probes from special materials such as Hastelloy or titanium for use in aggressive media.