Airflow Sensors

ATEX-certified flow monitors for zones 2 and 22

  • Airflow Sensors
    Airflow Sensors

The new ATEX-certified airflow monitors from the LC 518 GSP-EX22 series from EGE are used for flow monitoring of gaseous media in exhaust and supply air lines that require category 3 sensors. The stainless-steel sensors are designed for a 0.5 m/s to 20 m/s detection range. In applications with a specified air flow, users can easily adjust the limit value during operation via an onboard potentiometer. The flow state is indicated by a three-color light on the housing front and transmitted for further processing by a PNP switching output. When the limit value is exceeded, the light changes from red to yellow, a further increase in the flow velocity is signaled by a green light. 

IP67 protection

The 80 mm long sensors are mounted directly in the wall of the ventilation duct with mounting nuts included in the scope of delivery. The M18 thread, which runs over the entire length of the housing, allows optimal positioning at different wall thicknesses. If the airflow is sufficient in the edge area, the measuring surface can be installed on a level with the inner wall of the duct. The sensors are designed in protection class IP67 and connected via a 2 m long PUR cable.