Labelling System for Printed Code and RFIDs

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Variable labelling in real time for demanding applications

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Labelling System for Printed Code and RFIDs
Labelling System for Printed Code and RFIDs

Logopak’s labelling system Logomatic 400 T RFID is suitable for 300-dpi direct thermal and thermal transfer printing processes with label widths of between 110 mm and 156 mm. The labels are dispensed cycle-synchronously from rewinding label rolls and thermal transfer ribbons. Even RAIN RFID and hybrid labels can be dispensed from rolls while the labeller’s traversing axis system enables variable positioning in X or Y direction. The print data required to programme and print the labels is transferred in real time via Ethernet, High-Speed-RS232 interface or optionally via a Profibus or Profinet connection.  

Top data security and operating comfort!

The Logomatic 400 T RFID is available with validation and verification tools, which guarantee the accuracy, safety and readability of printed or programmed data in intralogistics processes and along the supply chain. Different control functions, e.g. error diagnosis, pressure control, indicating maintenance intervals or the end of the label roll (optional function synchronised with the cycle rate), support the user in operating the labelling system. A multilingual touch screen is available upon request. The open design of the main drive allows easy inserting of consumables. The printing units are designed as quick-change systems to ensure uncomplicated and time-saving maintenance or replacement.

Well-prepared for demanding labelling tasks with RFID labels

Harsh production environments, long-distance readability, identification without direct visual contact, data updates, or diminishing printing contrasts caused by aging effects or exposure to sunlight: For many applications and requirements, barcode labels are simply not sufficient, and only RFID tags guarantee continuously reliable labelling and identification processes. This is why the Logomatic 400 T RFID system is the perfect choice when it comes to RAIN RFID tag labelling with additional barcodes printed on the label as an option. Independent of the labelling technology used, the data is transferred in real time directly from the system control or existing ERP system. 

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