Level Sensor for Media With Low Conductivity

For detection of low-conducting media, even process water

  • Level Sensor for Media With Low Conductivity
    Level Sensor for Media With Low Conductivity

Baumer launched a new sensor to make continuous level measurement more convenient and easier. The new  CombiLevel PLP70 automatically adapts to outstandingly varied media and offers user-friendly process monitoring thanks to the large touch display. To users, the most interesting innovation of the PLP70 potentiometric level sensor is its performance in media of low minimum conductivity. Before, previous sensor LSP was able to measure media with a conductivity starting at 50 microsiemens/cm. Which now has been surpassed by the PLP70. It will even detect extremely low-conducting process media (starting at 10 microsiemens). This is pushing PLP70 far beyond conventional limits and allows for use in media such as process water. Thanks to the media-independent measuring principle, the sensor ensures ultrahigh precision and repeatability even in the most demanding applications, e.g. low-conducting pasty, adhering or foaming media.

Short response times

Potentiometric level sensor PLP70 - of course with IO-Link interface - enables efficient process monitoring and control with maximum flexibility. The extremely accurate and reliable measurement results offer convenient process optimization, i.e. precise monitoring of filling levels in feeding containers and storage tanks. Thanks to the short response time of less than 100 milliseconds, the PLP70 is ideal for highly dynamic processes like fast changing levels in filling lines. High-precision and fast level measurement immediately pays off thanks to maximum exploitation of material and resources. All required information is clearly provided and can be seen at a single glance. The background changing color significantly eases process monitoring since the current process status is clearly indicated and can be seen even from a distance.