Liquid Turbine Flow Meter

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Liquid Turbine Flow Meter
Liquid Turbine Flow Meter

The portable Daniel Series 500 Liquid Turbine Flow Meter serves the need for highly accurate flow measurement in road tanker off-loading and can be used as a check meter at loading points in distribution terminals. It can also be mounted to loading arms to monitor the performance of other meters during loading operations in distribution terminals, and is easily removed when the verification is complete. A bladed rotor turns at a speed proportional to rate of flow, this rotation is sensed by electrical pickoffs. The resultant signal is used as an input to the intrinsically safe electronic totaliser, which displays flow rate and total volume. All the electronics are located in the water-tight aluminium housing and are easily accessible from the outside. The device is suited for measurement of various refined and light hydrocarbon products, including gasoline and diesel fuels. It is offered in DN80 and DN100 line sizes with extended flow ranges of 246 to 2460 litres/minute and 378.5 to 3785 litres/minute respectively.

Posted on May 1, 2009 - (127 views)
Emerson Process Management Ltd
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SK6 2SU Stockport - United Kingdom
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