Low cost humidity transmitter

suits harsh environments

  • Low cost humidity transmitter
    Low cost humidity transmitter

Incorporating advanced electronics, the X-Hum humidity transmitter from DeltaSense offers a high level of performance even in harsh environments. Available with digital or analogue outputs, the low cost relative humidity and temperature transmitter provides up to 3% accuracy across the whole 0-100% RH range, with 0.1% RH resolution and excellent long term stability of less than +/-1% per year.

The unit has an intelligent sensor element using serial communication, with A/D conversion and calibration that use the same advanced technology. As the sensor is digital, it never needs to be recalibrated after leaving the factory. The electronics are potted within a rugged polycarbonate casing and the sensor element has a protective cap, which, together with an integrated cable, ensure IP67 environmental protection.

The digital version has an RS485 Modbus interface for both humidity and temperature outputs. For the analogue version the DC output is 0-10 V at 10 mA for 0-100% RH. The X-Hum transmitters are suited for the HVAC sector but also have a broad range of general industrial applications.