Damper actuator

for ventilation applications

  • Damper actuator
    Damper actuator

Designed for exhaust systems that demand a rapid response, the HMO 24 from DeltaSense is an ultrafast motorised damper actuator. With a response time as short as one second to rotate a full 90 degrees, the low cost unit is ideal for smoke extraction and other critical ventilation applications.

Response time can be adjusted within the 1 - 10 s range simply by changing the DIP switch settings, as can the direction of rotation. The device can be mounted directly on an 8 x 8 mm square shaft, or on a round shaft using an adaptor.

Operating from a 24 V ac/dc supply, the unit has built in overload protection and produces a minimum torque of 3 Nm. Fitted with a 1 m long cable, it is sealed to IP54. The HMO 24 is suitable only for use with dampers without mechanical stops and flexible rubber seals.