Measuring Oil Content in Refrigerants in Potentially Explosive Environments

Inline measurements in real time directly in the system and without sampling

  • Measuring Oil Content in Refrigerants in Potentially Explosive Environments
    Measuring Oil Content in Refrigerants in Potentially Explosive Environments

Determining the oil content in the refrigerant circuit often brings challenges for users. Sampling is difficult due to the high pressure in the circuit. In addition, the refrigerant evaporates as soon as it is removed from the circuit. In some cases, this is compounded by the fact that flammable gases, such as propane (R290), are used as refrigerants. Of course, this goes hand in hand with special requirements for the measuring systems. Particularly in large-volume test stands, which are often located in research and development centers, a special degree of protection is therefore required.

Unbeatably simple and at the same time very precise

SensoTech has the solution for these cases: LiquiSonic® OCR determines the concentration of the oil directly in the refrigerant circuit in real time and without sampling - even in potentially explosive areas. This means that users who previously had to resort to other measuring methods due to the increased explosion level can also use the measuring system. The sensor design is Ex-certified (ATEX, IECEx) and complies with industrial standards. The pressure sensor integrated in the system also complies with these regulations (ATEX, IECEx). 

LiquiSonic® OCR is maintenance-free and provides very precise measurement results. When monitoring oil in refrigerants, the system achieves an accuracy of ±0.1 wt%, depending on the oil and refrigerant used. Once installed, it provides permanent real-time readings and requires no maintenance. SensoTech has already measured a variety of oil/refrigerant combinations for customers in its in-house laboratory test stand. For example, mixtures with oils such as ND11 and DAO 190 (CPS). Other combinations can be surveyed at any time in the SensoTech laboratory.

Simple, fast and maintenance-free

The complete measuring system comes with a process adapter, is plug&play and ready for use immediately after installation. The controller reliably shows the concentration, the prevailing pressure as well as the temperature of the process liquid. It offers the possibility to store additional product data sets (calculation models), which allows a quick reaction to changing refrigerants or oils. The measured values can be recorded and transferred for further analysis. Due to the robust sensor design, LiquiSonic® does not require any maintenance.