Installation adapter

for pickling bath

  • Installation adapter
    Installation adapter

For the concentration measurement in pickling and etching baths SensoTech developed an installation adapter to simplify the incorporation of the LiquiSonic analyzer into the process. The use of the adapter ensures the correct installation of the LiquiSonic flange type sensor DN80 and the conductivity sensor into the pipeline system. The installation adapter is available for all pipeline systems with nominal diameters from DN80, 3“ or 4“. The total length of the measuring distance is only a maximum of 1 m in the installation adapter. Thus, the sensors can be installed with a minimum space requirements.

As a consequence of its high thermal and chemical resistance against hydrochloric and sulfuric acid, the installation adapter is made of polyvinylidenefluoride (PVDF). The maximum operating temperature is 100°C at a operating pressure of maximum 0,8 bar.

The installation adapter comprises a measuring adapter for the conductivity sensor including counter-flange and a cable adapter for the adaptation to nominal pipeline diameters of DN80 or 2 cable adapters for nominal pipeline diameters of 3“ or 4“. Other additional components are gaskets and installation material. As a user-friendly complete system, the installation adapter is being installed with the sensors at SensoTech and delivered completely set up to the customer. This significantly simplifies the commissioning at the customer’s site and ensures the proper functioning of the LiquiSonic measuring technology.