Metal pipe connections

for flexible compressed air systems

  • Metal pipe connections
    Metal pipe connections

The piping system Eisele ALU PRO 30 with screw connections for metal pipes is the first product line of the new PIPINGLINE. The modular system for fixed pipe connections of the compressed air supply for assembly lines sets new standards in every respect for the distribution of compressed air, gases and fluids.

Compressed air offers numerous benefits: it is clean and simple to use, flexible in application and easy to regulate. That is why compressed air is used widely in production processes of all types. The pneumatic supply systems are elementary components in these systems and must fulfil the most stringent requirements for reliability, economy and efficiency.

This high-quality system withstands every load and fulfils the most stringent requirements for piping technology. The robust high-quality aluminium construction is as functional as it is attractive. No machining of the pipe ends is necessary during installation. It can also be used to easily retrofit existing systems or add additional distributors. ALU PRO 30 from the Eisele PIPINGLINE enables compressed air supply for all areas of application – from a simple work table to complex automation solutions – and ensures reliable supply, from the compressed air generator all the way to the consumption point.

ALU PRO 30 is also convincing with respect to flexibility. The modular system is very easy to install, saving material, time and resources during plant construction. The system can be used, for example, for equipping systems in the packaging, pharmaceutical and medical sectors. The patented fixed pipe connection saves costs of up to 50 percent compared with a conventional compressed air supply with aluminium profiles. Firstly, profiles are more expensive than the less massive pipes and secondly, ALU PRO 30 ensures significantly higher efficiency of the compressed air supply, while operating safely, reliably and controllably at pressures from -0.95 to 16 bar. Therefore, ALU PRO 30 is also vacuum suitable.

All components are designed for optimum flow and are manufactured from anodised aluminium. The modular kit includes distributors with two to six outlets, pipe supports, double threaded connections, straight male threaded fittings, as well as angle, corner and tee connectors. All connections are designed for aluminium pipes with a 30 mm outer diameter. Not least of all, the visually attractive solution is also easy to clean, which is advantageous especially in the case of automation systems in the pharmaceutical industry.

Numerous options allow exact adaptation of the supply system to individual requirements: options include different seal materials, alternative materials, individual connection combinations, smaller sizes and shapes as well as different threads and hose sizes. High flexibility and individual solutions are standard at Eisele. On request, custom sizes, types and special accessories are therefore possible. So far Eisele has added around 2,000 custom solutions to its standard product spectrum.