Micro feeder

for low throughput capacities

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    Micro feeder

The DosWeigh S by MTS is a micro feeder for low throughput capacities. Like the other micro feeder of MTS is the DosWeigh S developed specifically for the dosing of fine-grained bulk materials such as powders or granulates, which also tend to agglomeration and bridge building. With the DosWeigh S these substances can be weighed continuously or in batches. The DosWeigh S consists of a weighing vessel with a disaggregation unit and a dosing spiral. The disaggregation unit prevents bridge-building of the bulk material at the inlet of the dosing spiral. All components are installed upon a robust base frame. The weighing is carried out by three high precision strain gauge load cells.

The micro feeder is deliverable in different sizes for capacities from 5 to 150 kg/h. The stable mechanics and the optimal adjustment of the disaggregation unit and the dosing spiral guarantee a high reliability and low maintenance cycles. The micro feeder works gravimetrically. The material flow rate is recorded and analyzed during the output. The continuous material output within the weighing container is recorded by the load cells. In addition, the number of revolutions of the dosing spiral output can optionally be measured via an encoder.

The signal of the load cells is recorded and analyzed by a control unit. Depending on the control unit, data about current and added weight are available. By means of a differential weighing process, it can also calculate the current output capacity in kg/h.