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New Industrial Products

Mobile transfer system

for high-viscosity fluids

Posted on February 15, 2012 - ( views)


VISCOFLUX mobile drum emptying system is a stand-alone system with a mobile lifting device and a unit composed of motor, pump and follower plate which is individually designed for each application. Its compact design makes the system so small it can even be transported in a lift. The standard industrial version of the VISCOFLUX mobile for the transferring of materials such as coating and casting compounds, paste-like substances, varnishes and fillers is available for two drum diameters (560 mm and 571 mm). On request, the system may be configured for other containers and drum diameters.

The Pharma Food Cosmetic version of the VISCOFLUX mobile is a drum emptying system for high-viscosity fluids such as creams, ointment bases, tomato puree, condiment pastes and fruit sauces. The pumping unit with motor, pump and follower plate is quick to install and easy to clean. Various stainless steel components make the lifting system also resistant to aggressive cleaning agents. The double-lip variant is suitable also for conical drums, including with aseptic bags. The Pharma Food Cosmetic version is available for drum diameters of 560 mm and 571 mm and for conical drums with diameters of 550 mm at the top and 515 mm at the bottom.

The drum emptying system transports substances that are not free-flowing using the negative pressure created by the eccentric worm pump. Due to this, the follower plate is automatically pulled down, hermetically sealing off the material to be transported. In this way, it ensures process reliability even if the transferring process is interrupted. The flexible sealing lip system guarantees that almost no material remains at the drum wall and the drum is emptied almost completely, leaving less than 1% residue (up to less than 2% in the case of aseptic bags). This also makes the expensive subsequent manual cleaning of the drums, which is otherwise required, unnecessary.

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