Drum emptying system

for transferring higher-viscosity materials

  • Drum emptying system
    Drum emptying system

With its drum emptying system VISCOFLUX lite, FLUX-Geräte presents another variant of the VISCOFLUX family. VISCOFLUX lite is designed to transfer higher-viscosity media, which are just capable of flowing, out of ISO drums with lids (with an inside diameter of 571.5 mm), e.g. greases of NLGI class 2 (DIN 51818), adhesives and paint binders.

The components of the VISCOFLUX lite drum emptying system are the FLUX eccentric worm-drive pump, the motor, the pump centring plate and the follower plate with process seal. The system is quick to install, requires little space and can also be used in low working rooms due to its low installation height.

To continuously and gently transport materials just capable of flowing, FLUX engineers use eccentric worm-drive pumps. In conjunction with a follower plate, a vacuum is created during pumping which pulls the follower plate down automatically. The process seal of the follower plate hermetically seals the material to be conveyed. This provides high process reliability even if the conveyance process is interrupted. Almost no material remains at the drum wall. In this way, users benefit from almost complete drum emptying and efficient use of the material. Like the VISCOFLUX and the VISCOFLUX mobile, the VISCOFLUX lite leaves just less 1% (in drums without inliner) of the material in the drum.