Modern pump test bay

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  • Modern pump test bay
    Modern pump test bay

Europe's most modern pump test bay can now be found in the East-Westphalian city of Vlotho. With an investment of more than two million Euros, ASV Stübbe GmbH & Co. KG built a test bay for newly developed plastic pumps, which shatters all previous dimensions: now, vertical as well as horizontal centrifugal pumps with power ranges of up to 350 kW and a flow rate of up to 1,200 m³/h can be tested virtually fully automatically. "With this new test bay", explains ASV Stübbe Managing Director Klaus Warnecke, "we are optimally equipped for further growth."

This being one of the largest investments in the company’s history, ASV Stübbe is focussing particularly on the growing markets in Eastern Europe, China and South America. Until now, the company from Vlotho distinguished itself from the competition by being the only pump manufacturer to also produce its own valves as well as plastic measurement and control systems equipment and thus, provide optimally compatible systems from a single source. The commissioning/start-up of the test bay solidifies a further competitive advantage for ASV Stübbe on the market.  

The new test bay was developed in collaboration with the testing system specialists, »etewe«, located in Karlsruhe, to meet ASV Stübbe's specific requirements and is comprised of two test benches for horizontal pumps and one test bench for vertical pumps. "In designing the test bay, we were concerned not only with the ability to test pumps of various sizes and designs largely automatically, but also with the improvement of the production processes at ASV Stübbe. Moreover, we have created additional capacity, which will allow us to develop even more powerful and efficient pumps."

One of the highlights of ASV Stübbe's new test bay is, for instance, a camera surveillance system that monitors the entire testing process, which in turn, considerably simplifies the detection of leaks. A static pressure test used as an extreme test when the test bay is idle represents an added plus for the operating safety of the pumps.

The measured data from each individual pump is automatically transmitted to the ERP system so that even during testing a performance comparison can be made, e.g. between the customer's requirements and the actual delivery head and delivery volumes as well as the delivery rate.

In addition, the system also monitors other parameters such as noise level, vibrations, NPSH values and the actual torque of the pump shaft. With ASV Stübbe one thing is sure: "development will continue to progress and we want to remain at the technological forefront. That is the reason why we, together with »etewe«, designed the test bay in such a way that the system is open to expansion."

The company, which has 340 employees, and exclusively uses chemical-resistant plastic in all its pumps and valves as well as its measurement and control systems equipment, also began operation of a new pump installation parallel to the opening of the new test bay. As part of a smooth, trouble-free materials flow, this production is designed in such a way that all production lines lead to the test facility. All drawings are available in digital format at the modern, ergonomically designed work stations. As a matter of course, production progress is also permanently documented, to ensure a continuous performance comparison with the planned delivery date.

"Over the next few years we would like to significantly increase our global market penetration and remain a market leader on the technological front." The completion of this investment is an important milestone on this journey.