Modular economic sensors

offers high flexibility

  • Modular economic sensors
    Modular economic sensors

The sensor series “modular economic sensors” by Müller Industrie-Elektronik is characterized by a very high flexibility concerning the sensor equipment and the range of application due to its modular diversity. The ME series covers nearly all physical measuring categories like temperature, pressure, filling level and flow. In the meantime, the ME series has been extended additionally with other types of sensors for the ultrasonic, infrared, mass pressure and difference pressure measurement. On the basis of an ingenious modular concept, the ME sensor series is so adaptable that it can offer an optimum modular device solution for the respective measuring job in cost-optimised base equipment. This applies to electronic equipment with display, switch points and HART signal for all industrial uses. All ME sensors are available modular with all common connectors well-established in the industry, the respective process connections are made out of high-grade steel.

Based on the versatile modular features, the ME sensor series can be divided into four segments:

Modular economic sensors with full equipment
Modular economic sensors as transmitter versions
Modular economic sensors as switch variants with base equipment
Modular economic sensors with radio transmission as additional equipment

As the fourth option, the ME sensors are also planned with radio ability as an additional equipment. Based on the lithium ion technology, these device types work as an energy self-sufficient system on battery power. For fitting the sensor with radio, depending on the application needs, there are modular additional options such as battery operation with internal aerial for short ranges from up to 50 metres, with external power supply for long operating time or with external aerial connection with stationary aerial in the device with a range up to 300 metres or also with a separated aerial for a range up to 5 km with 500 mW RF power and external.