Radio Gateway Server

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The connection of sensors to the MVS-DR can be carried out by radio with up to 16 channels

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Radio Gateway Server
Radio Gateway Server

The new Radio Gateway Server MVS-DR is the modern, web-based and location-independent solution for controlling and monitoring of measurement data. By using the new local cloud server, all industry-standard measurements such as temperature, pressure, level, level, differential pressure, etc., can be indicated along with the desired control functions. In combination with appropriate sensors, which are available at Müller Industrie-Elektronik for the measuring pick-up in almost any industrial application, the readings stored in the Radio Gateway Server MVS-DR can be evaluated and controlled anytime and anywhere by means of a PC.

Control cabinet installation in space-saving housing

The connection of sensors to the MVS-DR can be carried out by radio with up to 16 channels. Additionally, two sensors can be connected directly. Furthermore, the number of sensors can be extended if necessary by using external equipment. The data receiving via radio transmission is also possible by default. The range for a reliable data transmission can also be extended via repeaters. The new MVS-DR is equipped with a Linux-based web server and an integrated radio receiver and has been designed for control cabinet installation in space-saving 45 mm wide DIN RAIL housing.

Monitoring of various applications carried out from anywhere by every PC 

It stores, logs and controls the measurement data by individually predetermined parameters centrally on the Web server. As web-based radio data logger system, the MVS-DR provides an intelligent interface between the recording of measured values in the application via the connected sensors and the transfer of the stored measurement data, for example, to an existing company network. The data transfer from the Radio Gateway Server can take place using WiFi as well as a cable-based connection. The integration into an existing network is possible without great effort. The MVS-DR can be quickly and easily configured and operated. With the new Radio Gateway Server MVS-DR, monitoring of various applications can therefore be carried out from anywhere by every PC. To retrieve and check the data, the new Müller visualization software MVS has been developed.

Müller visualization software MVS 

In addition to the new Radio Gateway Server MVS-DR, Müller Industrie-Elektronik has developed the visualization software MVS. It is equipped with comprehensive functions to parametrize the Radio Gateway Server customer-specific. 

The stored measurements can be quickly and easily be visualized and evaluated in the desired depiction on a location-independent PC. The parameterization of the gateway MVS-DR and the configuration of the connected sensors can also be done directly through the software. In addition to the PC version of the visualization software MVS, apps for data retrieval with web-enabled mobile devices (iOS or Android) are already in preparation

For the control and monitoring of the measured values, the following presentation graphics are possible with the new Müller visualization software MVS:

  • Display as graph version
  • Display as bar chart with real-time measurements
  • Table view (CSV export possible)   
  • Process flow chart with real-time measurements (customizable and importing graphics of system configuration possible)
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