Non-invasive Flow Measurement of Gases

Extension of measuring range up to 200 °C

  • Non-invasive Flow Measurement of Gases
    Non-invasive Flow Measurement of Gases

The clamp-on ultrasonic systems of the FLUXUS G series from FLEXIM can now measure the flow of gases at temperatures up to 200 °C. Until now the application range of non-invasive measuring technology has been limited to temperatures up to approx. 100 °C. This progress is made possible by the consistent further development of suitable methods of noise suppression and intensive materials research. 

Low Pressures – high temperatures

FLEXIM has pioneered developments in the field of non-invasive gas flow measurement for about 15 years. FLUXUS G series gas flowmeters are currently in use worldwide, from onshore and offshore natural gas production to natural gas treatment and storage in natural gas transport and distribution. FLUXUS G is also used in the chemical industry, especially when the medium itself provides the best reason not to open the pipe, as in the case of corrosive process gases or toxic gases like ammonia. Sophisticated signal processing and effective suppression of noise now make it possible to measure the flow of gases even at low pressures, such as compressed air or nitrogen, which is used as an inert gas in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. 

The extension of the temperature range now opens up further fields of application. Typical applications are those where, due to extreme process conditions, it is always desirable to look for a non-invasive and thus wear-free alternative to wetted measurement technology, namely when high pressures are associated with high temperatures, such as in the nitrogen and fertiliser industry or polyethylene production. In addition, this progress also opens up new perspectives in terms of non-invasive flow measurement of steam.