Non-Invasive Flowmeter for Steam

Compact ultrasonic measurement for up to 180 °C

  • Non-Invasive Flowmeter for Steam
    Non-Invasive Flowmeter for Steam

With the FLUXUS G532 ST-LT, FLEXIM introduces the latest model of its non-invasive steam meters. The compact ultrasonic system measures the flow of saturated steam up to 180 °C. Non-invasive steam flow measurement means measurement without any interruption to operation and supply. Since the clamp-on ultrasonic transducers are simply clamped onto the outside of the pipe, installation requires minimal effort and, above all, no opening of the pipe.

For lowest flow speeds

FLUXUS G532 ST-LT works with the proven transit-time difference method. This offers extraordinarily high measurement dynamics, regardless of the direction of flow, and also records the lowest flow speeds. Due to this large measuring range (flow velocities from 0.01 m/s up to 60 m/s) there is no need to constrict the pipe cross-section, as is required for vortex and orifice measurements to achieve a minimum flow velocity. As a result, it is now possible to record steam quantities from the lowest to very high flow rates with one and the same instrument. This means it is much easier for the user when designing steam measurements.

The new steam meter from FLEXIM is suitable for consumption measurements and balancing in supply networks for heating or process steam. It is the instrument of choice when it comes to absolute hygiene, for example in applications in the pharmaceutical or food industries. FLUXUS G532 ST-LT has digital communication interfaces and allows Advanced Meter Verification (AMV) for self-diagnosis with appropriate recording.