Oil-free Compressed Air Powers Production of Premium Italian Pizza, Cake, and Bread Flour

Certified Class '0', 100% oil-free compressed air supports the production and packaging of over 350 tonnes per day of 40 different types of flour meeting the company’s needs for quality and reliability.

  • Oil-free Compressed Air Powers Production of Premium Italian Pizza, Cake, and Bread Flour
    Oil-free Compressed Air Powers Production of Premium Italian Pizza, Cake, and Bread Flour

ELGi Compressors Europe, a subsidiary of ELGi Equipments Limited, announced that Polselli, one of the leading Italian flour millers, selected three state-of-the-art, water-injected AB Series screw air compressors of 45kW to support its entire pneumatic production and bagging requirements. The AB45s provide unmatched air quality in line with the ISO8573-1 Class ‘0’ oil-free air and ISO8573-Class 7 compliance norms, ensuring zero traces of microbial contaminants, high reliability, consistent air quality, and a low lifecycle cost.

Founded in Arce, in the province of Frosinone, south of Rome, in the first half of the twentieth century, from a small artisan beginning, Polselli today is a leading player in the quality milling sector in Italy and a leader in the production of flour for bread, cakes, and pizza. Guided for nearly a century by the entrepreneurial experience of a family that has now reached its third generation, Polselli aims to meet consumers' needs with unique, natural, and innovative products exported all over Europe, North America and some countries in Asia. Installed in January 2022, the choice of three ELGi AB Series oil-free compressors (two AB45 fixed speed and one AB45V variable speed) is aligned with the company’s goals to innovate and improve the environmental impact of its operations constantly.

Production of up to 350 tonnes per day

Domenico Polselli, Owner of the third-generation family-owned flour millers, Polselli said, "The Polselli family’s passion for wheat is based on quality, transparency, and reliability. These same principles guided our choice when upgrading our existing oil-lubricated compressors. We needed the highest quality of air, ensuring zero risk of oil contamination to meet our strict quality standards and an honest and trustworthy partner who assured ease of maintenance and the reliability of our compressed air systems. The latter is a critical factor when producing and bagging 40 different types of flour mixes, using around 22 varieties of grain and producing up to 350 tonnes per day. In the six months since installation, the units have performed flawlessly, thanks to ELGi’s quality and the service and support provided by SOL.IM.I., ELGi’s Channel Partner.”  

Graziano Dal Tio, Regional Manager, ELGi Southern Europe, said, "ELGi’s AB Series is a welcome disruption in oil-free compressed air technology, opening new possibilities for sensitive industrial applications where reliability, high air purity, and energy efficiency are crucial. We have been fortunate to work with Polselli, a company that demonstrates its innovative culture by considering the replacement of existing oil-lubricated compressors and systems, including filters, with the ELGi AB Series. In the last six months, the AB units have produced Class ‘0’ certified, high-quality air, significantly reducing maintenance costs, enabling ease of use compared to prevailing oil-free technology, and lower lifecycle costs overall.”