On-Site Calibration of Temperature Sensors

Jumo can now provide on-site calibration of temperature sensors thanks to the accreditation received from Germany's National Accreditation Body (DAkkS)

  • On-Site Calibration of Temperature Sensors
    On-Site Calibration of Temperature Sensors

Temperature forms the central measurand in an array of processes in the pharmaceutical and chemicals industries as well as in such areas as the food sector. As this often involves highly-sensitive processes, it is essential that the used measurement technology can carry out tasks to the highest level of precision possible.
Regular calibration of the installed temperature sensors is therefore a vital prerequisite in terms of the quality of the end products. By carrying out calibration on-site, machine and plant downtimes can be minimized so that customers save time and costs.
An additional advantage is the calibration of the entire measuring chain which can be made up, for example, of temperature probes, transmitter cables, transmitters, and devices for temperature detection and temperature indicators.
This is because only an on-site calibration can correctly measure all the influencing factors within the complete measuring chain and factor in the calibration result.JUMO applies the same quality standards to on-site calibration in temperature block calibrators as it does to the work carried out at the in-house DAkkS laboratory.
Calibrations are provided by JUMO for all temperature sensors, irrespective of the brand.Different temperature block calibrators are used on-site. The accredited temperature range is between -40 and +700 °C.
The smallest specifiable measurement uncertainty is between 0.25 and 2.5 K, depending on the calibration area. In addition to RTD temperature probes and thermocouples, thermometers can also be calibrated with transmitters.