Pharmaceutical Packaging: New Strategies and Solutions

Schubert-Pharma will be exhibiting at Achema 2015, presenting its innovative prototype of a packaging machine without electrical cabinet engineered specifically for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Pharmaceutical Packaging: New Strategies and Solutions
    Pharmaceutical Packaging: New Strategies and Solutions

A visible sign of the elimination of conventional electric systems for electrical-cabinet-free packaging machines is the narrower top section of the TLM machine frame, the so-called "robot heaven". Since the servo amplifiers of the machine belong within a decentralised control architecture for TLM robots, they no longer require an electrical cabinet.
Moreover, the number of electronic parts has been significantly reduced. For this innovation, Schubert also followed its principle of combining intelligent software and reduced mechanics. Whereas the system's maintenance costs are significantly lower than for conventional systems. 
The system's efficiency, its availability and the use of identical parts can therefore be further increased. A highlight, which is already available today, is the new 3D scanner which allows spatial vision in the packaging process.
The scanner opens up attractive control parameters such as volume, weight and stack height, enabling the identification of products under difficult conditions. This contributes to raising quality control to a new level of performance. With the second TLM system to be shown at the Achema, Schubert-Pharma primarily emphasizes the high flexibility of Schubert machines for the pharmaceutical industry.
The system, which is in use by an American manufacturer of medical technology, packages different packaging formats of disposable syringes. In addition, up to three packaging add-ons can be assembled per packing unit. Depending on the customer's packaging quantities, the system enables different layer configurations.
With a working station for the Line Management Systems (LMS) at the Achema show, Schubert-Pharma will be demonstrating how efficiently the data exchange between the production line and the factory management can be implemented. With the system control console, production managers have an overview of the current machine status at all times and can, for example, create a batch protocol at the end of production. Individual software modules can be assembled based on the required depth.
From planning the batches at the machines, through data requirements of the individual functional elements, up to the automatic creation of batch reports, the system control console displays the current production status for system operators - on touch screens and at any time.
The high spectrum of application which allows various types of packaging with the same system, the wide range of systems in the multi-format area and the high flexibility in the planning phase are important and unique selling features of the TLM systems for the pharmaceutical industry.
Thanks to the high-level use of identical parts, the maintenance of the TLM systems is especially cost-effective. Last but certainly not least, the bundling of packaging expertise and engineering services at Schubert-Pharma represents an added security.
The control technology and the development of almost all hardware and software modules from our own portfolio guarantee a high level of product reliability. The transport on the Transmodul transport robot, developed by Schubert, enables the best possible supply reliability and therefore creates the requisites for Track & Trace and for a gentle product handling, which are crucial for the pharmaceutical industry.
At the Achema show, Schubert-Pharma is also presenting itself as a consulting partner with sound knowledge of packaging handling in production, with focus on secondary packaging processes. As an engineering service provider, Schubert-Pharma achieves, for example, efficiency increases on its customers' production lines, develops new production capacities and packaging solutions, runs preliminary investigations of planned processes and supports projects with certified project managers.
On request, Schubert-Pharma accompanies pharmaceutical manufacturers from the strategy, through the development of specific solutions, all the way to their implementation. Customers benefit from a central point of contact for all questions relating to pharmaceutical packaging.