Plastic Temperature Probe

Contact-optimized and easy to install

  • Plastic Temperature Probe
    Plastic Temperature Probe

JUMO plastoSENS T sensors are coated with plastic in the injection molding process. They offer total design freedom as well as a high level of insulation and vibration resistance. The new contact-optimized JUMO plastoSENS T04 plastic temperature probe can measure the temperature by simply being placed against a pipe. 

Fast response time

To measure the temperature, different platinum thin film sensors can be used in a two-wire circuit, depending on the requirements involved. The maximum measurement temperature is 180°C. A JUMO plastoSENS T04 temperature probe with protection type IP65 is made entirely from thermally conductive plastic. The material not only ensures a fast response time, it also guarantees reproducible measurements. 

Easy installation on different tube materials

A wide range of variants with different diameters ensure that the probes can be optimally adapted to suit the pipe diameter in question – regardless of whether you are dealing with copper, steel, or plastic pipes. As a further benefit, the device is fastened externally, which means the flow in the pipe remains unchanged. Consequently, the JUMO plastoSENS T04 also enables temperature measurements on small tubes as of 8.0 mm or 3/8". The entire temperature probe installation can be given a seal so as to easily identify any tampering. The comprehensive accessories, comprising a shielding shell and fastening clip, ensure that the probe can be mounted easily and quickly without the need for additional tools. Environmental influences such as drafts, which could falsify the measurement results, are also minimized.