Precision Pressure Transmitter

For measurement of relative and absolute pressures in liquid and gaseous media

  • Precision Pressure Transmitter
    Precision Pressure Transmitter

The JUMO TAROS S47 P is used for acquiring relative and absolute pressures in liquid and gaseous media. Its excellent active temperature compensation ensures precise pressure measurements and therefore increased process reliability over a wide temperature range. The robust construction enables protection types up to IP69 and therefore use in all areas, regardless of the environmental influences. Default measuring ranges for the S47 P lie between 0 to 100 bar relative pressure and 0 to 40 bar absolute pressure. The medium temperature can be between -40 and +125 °C. It can even be 140 °C for a maximum of 1 hour per day. Linearity and long-term stability are both very low at 0.1 percent. The overall accuracy at 20 °C is at the most 0.25 percent of the measuring span.

Wide range of connection types

The zero point correction can easily be carried out with a magnet. This way, the pressure transmitter delivers reliable measured values over a long time. A wide range of process connections are available for the compact design of the JUMO TAROS S47 P. Cable fittings, M12 × 1 round plugs, line sockets, or terminal cases are available as electrical connections. One area in which the precision transmitter is used is mechanical and plant engineering, but it is also suitable for pumps or sterilizers. Test equipment construction, calibration technology, and laboratories are also areas of use.