Prevent contamination in food production

with high speed roller doors

  • Prevent contamination in food production
    Prevent contamination in food production

Hygiene standards within the food industry require that all possible lengths are gone to in order to prevent foreign bodies from contaminating the product. One of the easiest ways for these contaminants to enter the production areas is through doorways which are left open unnecessarily, or are sealed poorly. Two large food additive production sites within the UK have specified Sprint high speed roller doors to help prevent unwanted ingress into vital areas.

The two sites manufacture colours and flavours for use in the food processing industry. To ensure that their end product is suitable for use in the food processing industries, the sites are required to keep their production environments suitably isolated from exposure to external contaminants; this includes vermin and dirt brought in from external or warehouse areas.

In order to help isolate the hygiene critical production areas, both sites have specified sara Sprint high speed roller doors. The sara LBS Sprint range offers the fastest operating speeds on the market which minimises the opportunity for contaminants to ingress into the protected areas. In addition, thanks to the premium quality of the product, a permanent tension is held on the door curtains, which creates a vermin seal when closed.

Alan Ryder, Regional Sales Manager for sara LBS, comments: “When specifying equipment for the production facilities, hygiene has to be the chief priority to ensure end-users continue to exceed all standards. It’s hard to prevent contaminant ingress, especially in busy areas where there is high footfall, so our high speed doors, which create a suitable seal, can be a real blessing.

“The sara high speed doors are premium products which are reliable and long lasting. Once they are installed our customers can be confident that they will provide an efficient solution for years, irrespective of the level of usage.”

The Sprint doors supplied into the two sites feature a full height transparent curtain which provides maximum vision, increasing safety around busy doorways. Thanks to sara’s unique MCC Vector Control frequency converter, the high speed doors are able to achieve opening speeds of up 3.2m/s with minimal noise and vibration – which prolongs the life of the door. It also allows operators to programme the door to react differently to different cargo, for example only opening to the necessary height for a given vehicle, further reducing the amount of contamination through the doorway.

Hygiene and safety are further improved thanks to the automated features that are available. The Sprint doors can be remotely activated using many methods - such as remote transmitters, non-touch activation pads and even radar – which means that personnel can enter and leave production areas without making contact with potentially contaminated surfaces. The patented, sara Non-Contact Safety Beam is also supplied which scans ahead of the descending door to identify obstructions and reduce the possibility of collisions, in turn assisting to keep repair costs to a minimum and reducing the possibility of accidents.

sara LBS has been designing and installing its sara Sprint range of high speed roller doors into both sites for many years with a great deal of success. Its sales engineers are familiar with the requirements of the food processing industry, as well as other industries such as pharmaceutical, warehouse, distribution, waste management and even breweries. Its solutions are proven to reduce energy costs, improve productivity and help to prevent injury at the workplace.