Remote Level Monitoring to Get Real-Time Inventory Data

VEGA Inventory System is a remote visualization software allowing optimal bulk inventory monitoring. Russell Astley, Business Development Manager at VEGA, tells us the advantages of this solution

  • Russell Astley, Business Development Manager at VEGA
    Russell Astley, Business Development Manager at VEGA

VEGA Inventory System is a data acquisition and software platform for the remote level monitoring of tanks and silos as well as the classical vendor managed replenishment process. Using the benefits of modern web-based technology, it provides better inventory visibility throughout the enterprise or between vendor and end customers.

PCN Europe: Why is this solution interesting for the industry?

Mr. Astley: In industries such as Chemical and Food & Beverage, production and logistics planners need access to real-time inventory level and consumption data in order to maintain optimum inventory levels that, in turn, ensure continuous production. Distributors and vendors are also looking for ways to respond quicker to their customers' varying demands for product, improve their planning capabilities and logistics. As for the end customers or buyers, they are interested in continuity of supply, vendor performance, and want to focus on their production or manufacturing core business.

PCN Europe: What are the benefits?

Mr. Astley: Vendors benefit greatly from this solution by having real-time access to the inventory positions of their customers. This enables them to plan ahead. They know which customer needs which product, what quantity and when, and this happens with greater accuracy, helping vendors optimize their own production and storage planning and save costs through a more efficient logistics. End customers benefit through cost savings by avoiding production stoppages, express deliveries, ordering errors, and manual measurement and monitoring. In the end, it is a win-win situation for both parties.

PCN Europe: How does it work?

Mr. Astley: The solution consists of measuring sensors, data telemetry devices, a database and the application software. Sensors transmit measuring values to signal conditioning devices and cellular routers that transmit the data, cyclically, over the company network or safely over the mobile network and internet to the database. Using a modern web browser, authorized users have instant access to the data online 24/7.

PCN Europe: Do the sensors need to be provided by VEGA?

Mr. Astley: Existing analogue (0-20mA) sensors can be used in conjunction with VEGA devices. However, for the purposes of reliable data transmission and security, the VEGA signal conditioning devices must be used.

PCN Europe: What functionality does the software provide?

Mr. Astley: The software provides a range of visualization graphics, trending, alerts, and notifications (via E-mail and/or SMS). The geographical information is shown on a Web Map which provides a helicopter view of the vessels and their status. Statistics and data exporting tools support analysis and data archiving. A great feature is that the user interface layout is mostly pre configured which means that no engineering know-how is needed and the setup time is very short.

PCN Europe: Which versions are available?

Mr. Astley: As companies have different policies toward data management, VEGA provides two versions of VEGA Inventory System:

• Hosted Service

This is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that is provided and operated over the internet by our global IT center.

• Local Server

This version was developed for companies that prefer to install and maintain the system and keep their data on-premises.

PCN Europe: What is unique about VEGA?

Mr. Astley: As a leader in the field of level and pressure measurement, we can provide a full spectrum of solutions for both bulk solids and liquid applications. To be of real value, the software needs an accurate and reliable signal - and this is our domain. We also provide complete solutions offering from site survey and technical proposal through to commissioning and support. Our data center is also first class.