Safety over Ethernet-APL

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Unlocking business potential through a unified, digital communications infrastructure for safety and non-safety

Automation & Communication, Explosion Protection & Safety

Safety over Ethernet-APL
Safety over Ethernet-APL

Ethernet-APL provides all the features required for a modern, future-proof network in the field of process plants. So why not fully exploit the advantages of digitalization and implement functionally safe (safety) automation utilizing the same network architecture?

Having Ethernet-APL, the innovative physical layer, opens a unique opportunity to incorporate the requirements for safety applications in the instrumentation with Ethernet-APL.

The white paper “Ethernet-APL in the Field for high-availability Safety Applications” explains the benefits for end-users and product managers of suppliers when deploying Ethernet-APL's features simultaneously for safety and non-safety instrumentation. It is brought to you through the collaborative effort of BASF, Endress+Hauser, HIMA and Pepperl+Fuchs

Posted on January 12, 2021 - (700 views)
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