Safety switchgear

for explosive atmospheres

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    Safety switchgear

Mechanical safety and explosion protection: conditions like these mean that two comprehensive sets of normative guidelines have to be taken into account at once. The standards which switching devices used to monitor the positioning of guard doors on machines in Ex-zones have to meet are correspondingly complex.

For such applications, the steute business field Extreme has a wide range of electromechanical and non-contact safety The electromechanical product range has just been expanded to include new variants of the Ex AZ 16 safety switch with separate actuator which, in its basic design (without explosion protection), has already become a true “classic” for machine safety.

The Ex-variant has the same dimensions as the original version, so that the switches are 1:1 compatible for assembly purposes. The “Extreme” device also fulfils the same familiar high standards of reliability and durability.

In order to meet the demands of explosion protection, a separate terminal box is stipulated for the cable connection; the Ex AZ 16 is optionally available with customised cable lengths. Users have the choice between versions with two or three contacts; a new addition to our range is the switching insert variant with two NCC and one NOC. Available versions also include manoeuvrable actuators which are useful for guard doors with a tight angle of aperture.

In accordance with ATEX and IECEx, the Ex AZ 16 is approved for use in gas Ex-zones 1 and 21. Approvals in accordance with other national explosion protection stipulations, including Russia, China, Brazil and Canada, have also been applied for, while a special version for dust Ex-zone 22 is already available.