Siemens Connector for Industrial Edge Applications

Connectivity product based on container technology connects Siemens controllers with software applications

  • Siemens Connector for Industrial Edge Applications
    Siemens Connector for Industrial Edge Applications

The Softing "edgeConnector Siemens" enables access to SIMATIC S7-1200 and S7-1500 data including optimized data blocks. Client applications have access to data via the interoperability standard OPC UA. The product can be configured locally via a built-in web interface, or remotely via a REST interface. It seamlessly integrates with Azure IoT Edge and AWS IoT Greengrass and is made available via online repositories such as Docker Hub. 

Free Test version

Users benefit from flexible deployment and ease of use which comes with virtualization and container technology. Valuable process and machine data are made available for innovative IoT applications without any changes to controller or automation network configuration. Advanced security features such as the management of access right for individual client applications increase the security of the entire solution.  “The release of edgeConnector Siemens represents a major evolution of our dataFEED product family”, says Wolfgang Wende, Senior VP Sales at Softing Industrial. “dataFEED is developing into a leading offering for industrial edge. The product family helps customers and system integrators to efficiently bridge the gap between OT and IT in industrial IoT”. edgeConnector Siemens is now available for purchase and can be tested for free. It is currently evaluated by customers in the automotive, aerospace and food & beverage industry.