Smart Glasses for Hazardous Areas

Visor-Ex® 01: the unique smart glasses – smartphone solution

  • Smart Glasses for Hazardous Areas
    Smart Glasses for Hazardous Areas

Smart, industrial grade wearables from the Pepperl+Fuchs brand ecom: Visor-Ex® 01 is a standard-setting system solution consisting of the intrinsically safe Visor-Ex smart glasses, the Smart-Ex® 02 smartphone, and an external CPU pocket unit.

Visor-Ex was designed to provide mobile workers with comprehensive information and mobile communication devices for on-site work and training within the work environment of a digital enterprise. While service technicians are checking plant equipment they can anytime connect to expert support and get immediate access to digital documents. 

Quite a few industries require plant servicing and technical support at a high level of expertise. This results in a significant number of specialists travelling around the world to share their knowledge.

A proof that modern and efficient communication technologies like Visor-Ex 01 are more in demand than ever. It even excelled during a real field test!

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