Smart Valve Diagnostics

Web-based solution for smart monitoring and management of control valves in process plants

  • Smart Valve Diagnostics
    Smart Valve Diagnostics

The SAMSON software solution SAM VALVE MANAGEMENT combines the traditional world of control valves with the digital opportunities made possible by Industry 4.0 and IIoT technologies. For customers, this proves to be true added value. it gives users an overview of all connected control valves fitted with smart SAMSON positioners in a clearly structured dashboard displaying all relevant operating and diagnostic parameters. Malfunctions can be detected instantly. It also analyzes all data based on an extensive range of algorithms and suggests recommended action with illustrated step-by-step instructions. SAMSON has applied its decade-long expertise in valve engineering and diagnostics to develop rule-based data analytics and web-based support, which also allows maintenance work to be planned in advance.

Increased availability and profitability

The data in SAM VALVE MANAGEMENT can be synchronized by transferring data from commonly available process control systems or SAMSON's TROVIS-VIEW software. The extensive diagnostic functions provided by the software help increase the availability of control valves by predicting imminent valve failure and maintenance demands and also helps optimize plant profitability. SAMSON's asset management service also provides support in all matters related to SAM VALVE MANAGEMENT. Engineering specialists can take over the regular monitoring of critical tags in a plant on behalf of the plant operators and notify them when action needs to be taken. The digital management of documents, certificates and maintenance records gives quick access to a tag's history over its entire life cycle.